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Fantastic Weekly Pt 16 - 14.8.2020

Welcome to Fantastic Weekly, a blog for our development process on our upcoming game: FANTASTIC ENERGY.

Download Fantastic Energy here

This week, we launched an awesome new trailer to showcase the amazing work our development team has produced!


This week we’ve made some major progress regarding the base and how players can perform different functions. We went back and forth about how much freedom we want to give the player with the customization of the base and how to make sure that the experience is coherent & fun.

Here’s what we came up with:

There will be 1-2 rooms available to start with. The first floor will be on the ground level.

As the player progresses with their player level and builder level through collecting XP, they will get more rooms available to the floors they have currently opened.

Available rooms that are ready to be built will be indicated with a highlighted area and a clickable icon above the room. The player can tap on the room they want to enable and the room will open if they have enough resources and funds (Neutron coins & Fantastic Energy). Your monster friends will also appear in this new room :D

Once the player has gathered enough builder XP, an elevator will appear that enables the next floor with a premade layout and more rooms to open.

The floors will become more futuristic as the player builds up all the way to SPACE!



We are living exciting times! This week we got a new team member, Gigi Derrick. She is going to be our community manager and she will be handling everything related to marketing Fantastic Energy! Thanks to her awesome skills, we even got a few questions this week about the international release of the beta version of Fantastic Energy! So, all is well and we are moving forward as planned. :)


Hey! I’m so excited to be on the team! This week I’ve been trying to expand our social media audience because we want everyone to see how great our game is :D

I made a poll to name our new mascot on Facebook and Twitter, so go vote on that if you wanna help!

I also advertised our official Discord server, where you can come say hi to the team and bring us any questions or feedback.



This week I have built the codebase for storing all player data to the device, such as the player name and character selection. Here’s how that looks:

If the player starts the game for the first time or hasn’t seen the tutorial yet, the tutorial will begin once the map has opened and the player has input their name and selected the character model they want to use! :D


On Holiday!



The monster fight UI is finally ready to be implemented. I wanted to make something that looks both sci-fi and cute. The first version didn’t really sit with the overall style so I made quite a few changes and simplified the whole design. Then I realized the buttons were too small so I removed some of the extras. We also discussed about maybe having different kinds of UIs for different weapons so I tried a couple of different color options. I still wanted the first weapon to look simple so I ended up with this blue color. Here are some progress pictures from left to right.


This week I switched from monster modeling to interior design. We discussed how we would make the new house system. We want it to include a good customization and progression system. We want the house to have many rooms with a rich variety of shapes, not only squares. That’s why we decided that I would make floor plans, and the house’s room positions are permanent, but the player can change decorations etc.

The rooms are now under the development in Blender and there is only boring grey walls, so I didn’t take any screenshots of them, but here is at least some colorful floor plans:D

Random fact: I made the doors open outwards, like most in Finland. It is safer in case of a fire.


This week I continued working on the animations for our insanely adorable mascot that was revealed in the newly released trailer! I think I have said this before, but monsters that have big tongues or floppy ears are my absolute favorite to animate and I had so much fun with the mascot’s tongue animations hehe! Being the mascot, he also had some extra animations that I’m excited for you all to see!

Thanks for reading and cya next week!

With love,

Punnu Games team

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