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Punnu Games

We are a Game company founded in Turku and we specialize in value-based games that will spread awareness while still being entertaining. We are a small and playful group of GameDevs and we are working hard on quite a few projects. 

The values we base our actions on are sustainability and equality in every way. We want to bring joy into this world and we hope to make a change one day with our fun, but informative games. 

"The values we base our actions on are sustainability and equality in every way"

About us

Punnu Games was founded in 2019 in Turku and we specialize in games that are based on our values; sustainability and equality.

Sustainability is visible in our games, and equality is something we are exercising in our company culture and in our daily lives. We are committed to make a change by changing communication to a form where the listener is engaged into an activity that captivates: Immersive and fun games.

We believe that change comes from people when change is received with a positive and curious emotional state. That is why we make games first and implement the learning experience so that teaching becomes less noticeable. 

Making games with an impact is something we are making with passion.

Our games are aiming to be first and foremost fun. We have a professional team that is driven by details and ambition to make games that really make a difference.

See you out there!





The beginning

Moving into Hive

Energy Hackathon VICTORY!

Fantastic Energy beta 1.0 is out

Arrival of Punnu gets funded

The adventure continues!

The Team


Creative Director

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CEO / Executive Producer



Art Director



Lead Artist



Inventor of Punnu | Future artist

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