We are a Game company founded in Turku and we specialize in value-based games that will spread awareness while still being entertaining. We are a small and playful group of GameDevs and we are working hard on quite a few projects. 

The values we base our actions on are sustainability and equality in every way. We want to bring joy into this world and we hope to make a change one day with our fun, but informative games. 


The Team

Creative Director

Tipi is our Creative Director, the person who comes to the team with "great ideas" every day, who keeps us on the straight and narrow. She makes sure everything looks perfect and we trust her with our lives. She is the mastermind behind the whole operation and takes care of us with a pro’s touch.

Here is Tipi with her favorite Punnu, the King Punnu.

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CEO / Executive Producer

Eeva is in charge of making sure everyone has what they need to work efficiently. Eeva handles the administrative side of the business and she is the Dragon guarding the treasury.

She makes sure that the creative team keeps their feet on the ground and business runs smoothly. 

Here is Eeva with her favorite Punnu, the Chef Punnu.

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Art Director

This is Noora and she's our leading 3D artist, specializing in 3D characters.  She has been part of various game projects, making mostly 3D characters and other assets.

Noora also works as a project manager at Fantastic Energy on the graphics and UI side.


Here is Noora with the Red Punnu. 



Olli is the mastermind behind our backend and servers.

He manages the data-side of things and makes sure that our analytics run smoothly.

Olli is also working as a project manager on programming side of Fantastic Energy,

Here is Olli with the ice-punnu.


Game Artist

Sally is an amazing 2D artist. She's been drawing since she could hold a pen. She got her first drawing tablet at the age of 17 and started to dabble in digital art. She is delighted by strong colors and interesting lighting, and love building a good atmosphere and telling a story in her works.

Here you can see Sally with the Red Punnu.


The Inventor of  Punnus

Aleksi is the mastermind behind the Punnus. He came up with the idea of Punnus five years ago and Tipi noticed how amazing they were. This is how Punnu Games originated. So, we give Aleksi all the credit and glory!

Here you can see Aleksi with all of his creations.


Future Game Artist

Emilia is Aleksi's twin sister. Want something cute, filled with marshmallows, rainbows, unicorns, and kickass ninja-attitude? Emilia got it all! 

Here is Emilia with the cutest of 'em all: the CutenessPunnu