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Punnu Games DevBlog #12

It is once again time for the DevBlog! The team has been hard at work this past month as you can imagine, even though it has seemingly been a little quieter from the outside. On the other hand, we're assuredly getting closer and closer to revealing a bit more about the stuff that we've been working on lately (so you better be ready for it!)

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Let's see how the team's been doing!


I’ve been working on a customer project and then after that made some assets, animations, UI etc. for our own projects. Everything’s on a WIP level still but it’s getting there. It’s been a bit of a hassle juggling all the work but there’s some new exciting things happening and I can’t wait to show the rest of it. In the meantime I’ll share this small sneak peek animation I made for a rock asset I’ve been working on:


I've been fairly busy with the projects we're working on that are still a secret to the general public for the time being. We are having big plans for the future months to come, so please stay tuned! It is going to be awesome.


The super secret AAA customer project ended on my part last week and I got to fully focus on our own super secret project. I have been polishing character movement by tweaking frame-perfect acceleration and deceleration to make the player really feel in control. I’m also designing a new scalable UI system for all our future Unreal projects which should make further development much faster. Next week we are heading out to San Francisco with Tipi to our very first GDC. Exciting times ahead.


I have spent the last month creating vibrant visuals for our upcoming game; sourcing artwork for our digital and print assets; collaborating with the design team to ensure the art direction is consistent across all platforms; and managing the creative process from concept to completion. I have also worked closely with the programming team to ensure the artwork is efficiently implemented in the game engine.

That's it for this time! We are really hoping to see you here next month as we continue our development and adventure!

With best regards,

Punnu Games Team

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