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Press kit - Glowpop


Punnu Games

Based in Turku, Finland


Q1-Q2, 2024



Nintendo Switch

Fact sheet


Glowpop  is a punishing Nintendo/PC 2D platformer game where the player gets a glimpse to the epic journey the Punnu have on their way to find a source of an unidentified signal. 

Get ready for an out-of-this-world adventure. Take on the role of the Yellow Punnu, a bright little explorer who can light up even the darkest places. But there's a twist – no fighting skills, just a glowing heart! 

Explore four wondrous planets, each with five funky maps, in the adorably challenging Ghibli-inspired universe. Don't be fooled by the cuteness; the Brutal difficulty means no slip-ups, no health, and no checkpoints. 
So, let's light up the galaxy, shall we?

This adventure is the first part of the Punnu Chronicles.


Press kit docs:

Read here


- Yellow Punnu has no combat ability, only a double jump and a light

- Four planets with Five maps each

- Each planet introduces couple new mechanics, for exampe: Dash-Grub that allows player to dash, Wind that allows player to fly short distances (it also makes things more dangerous)

- Player has no health points and no checkpoints

- Each map has a goal to place five P.O.S.T. Boxes* (Planetary Observation & Surveillance Telemetry Box) These are sentient little robots.

- Each map needs to be completed with One Single Run

- Light has a stamina system, it turns off if no stamina-fuel found and stamina runs out

- Player can see a lot of stats about how they died, where they died

- Yup, the game has a death counter

- Player receives cool space-telemetry to their space-ship

Unique Selling Points

- Skill based game: Addictive because you actually get better by playing
- Punishing gameplay, souls games philosophy: We do not hold players hand
- Cute artstyle combined with a difficult gameplay: attracts new players to the genre



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