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Fantastic Energy

A location-based AR game focusing on energy efficiency and reducing the player's carbon footprint.  The game offers information in an easily understandable and entertaining form about how to become more energy efficient. 

Fantastic Energy provides a tool where players focus on playing and having fun while changing their behavioral patterns to reduce their carbon footprint. 

For cities and companies, the game offers means of communication and the possibility to reach new target groups and activate the population into urban development in the road of becoming carbon neutral and energy-efficient.


The players will mainly focus on developing their virtual home base. In the home base, the players can see their energy consumption data and compare it to the past data of their consumption.


The players can also compare their energy consumption to the energy consumption of their home city with understandable graphs.

In order to develop their home base, the players must collect fantastic energy. Fantastic Energy is a currency inside the game and it is in equal to the energy the players save in real life.


To collect Fantastic Energy, the player must make green choices. These choices that gather Fantastic Energy, include walking instead of driving, turning off all the lights when not needed and recycling.

While making these choices the players can see the actual difference these choices have on their personal carbon footprint.


Another fun way to collect Fantastic Energy is by winning an Energy Monster in an AR battle. These Energy Monster are placed in front of various buildings, or they could be dropping from airplanes. The Monster's strength is linked to the energy efficiency of the building it’s in front of. 

Multiplayer aspect

Players can play by themselves, but we are also building a feature that allows families to play as teams. This way we can include smaller children into the learning as well.


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