Why gamification?

Gamification can separate a company’s brand from the competition and offer an immersive interface to the customer. With gamification, companies can form a strong emotional connection with customers.

“Loyalty means customers' level of satisfaction with the brand and how they prefer one company’s products over the competition.


From gamification, perspective loyalty shows up by how customers spend their time utilizing the company’s services and how much time they spend time to reach the gamification goals. “ Kati Andersson, Haaga Helia, (Zichermann & Linder 2010, 13–14.)


Gamification is about interaction. Interaction, as in fun and exhilarating interaction, is the key to activate the user and therefore further the sale!


“Gamification can be included in the company’s marketing in many ways. The goal doesn’t have to be to sell the company's product, but it can also be to grow the customer base and strengthen social connections.” - Kati Andersson, Haaga Helia

Punnu Games is specialized in making fun and story-driven, brain-tickling games. The company’s story can be told by the way of game! The game doesn’t have to be overly complicated to stick with the customer.

Punnu Games aims to work closely with its customers by providing fun, addictive and memorable value in the form of a game.