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What's up?

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since our last post. We are very sorry to have gone silent on you guys, but we have been dealing with a lot lately. In addition to this crazy Coronavirus situation, we have had some other issues that needed to be dealt with, and doing so has left us exhausted. But not to worry, we are getting our groove back and we are here with an update!

These are bizarre and difficult times we are living. The current situation is quite scary and everything is uncertain right now. We are doing our best to follow guidelines and keep ourselves safe. We have been working remotely for weeks now and so far everyone is healthy and working hard on our games. We are still working on the projects listed on our website, so no changes there, but a more precise update is coming on those soon!

Social distancing has been hard on us because we are used to seeing each other practically every day. But at the same time, we are loving our home offices and the freedom this situation brings into the work.

Here are some pics of our team's home offices. Can you tell what each person is doing? ;)

We recently kicked off a campaign to help other small businesses that are struggling. In this campaign, we offer them a chance to get a game for marketing purposes free of charge. We are doing this because we want to help some of the companies taking the biggest hit during this crisis. Helping each other is what we can all do and it's what we should do. More on these projects and the results in the coming weeks!

It is super important that we follow the instructions and execute social distancing, no matter how hard. Just remember that even if you can’t see people physically, you’re still not alone. Call your friends and family, text an old friend, and catch up. We have nothing but time, so might as well.

Stay safe and stay healthy.

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