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We have moved to a new office!

The long wait is finally over – two weeks ago our team finally made the long-anticipated transition into our new office! Although our company is still very young, things seem to be moving pretty fast for ur. But we are more than thrilled to welcome this new chapter!

We have bunch of natural light!

We spent past months working from home and meeting up in local cafes. This year our team also grew bigger than we expected. With our bigger family we knew that ultimately we needed our own space, so when we heard about the chance of getting our own office, we gladly took it!

Our kitchen – and coffee machine ♡

Our office is located in Kupittaa, at the Turku Game Hub facilities. This means that we are part of the Hive community and have a big support system around us. Working in the same space with other great game developers and companies feels truly inspiring and offers us a huge chance to learn and grow as a company.

Common area for relaxing and breaks 💤

With two weeks of settling in to our new home we are still extremely excited about it! We have received such a warm welcome from other companies and everyone has been very helpful. These past months have been exciting times for Punnu Games and we can’t wait to see what else this year has in store for us!

Lots of plants and natural light!

This office allows us work even more efficiently with our ongoing projects as well as see other team members more often. We already have a bunch of ideas on how to make this space feel more like our home and we can’t wait to show you the final result!

With love, Punnu Games

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