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Winter Assembly 2019

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

Punnu Games was at the Winter Assembly 2019 spreading the word of Punnu’s!

We had a great time as a team and we met a lot of people! The weekend was full of laughter and fun. We spend some time getting to know each other better and just having a good time. 

The Winter Assembly 2019 for us was about fun, fun and fun (as these kinds of things are supposed to be, right?). Well, this goal was definitely met and we can’t wait for the Summer Assembly 2019! 

Here is our Winter Assembly as pictures.

This picture is from Friday. Here you can see Tipi, our boss lady doing her thing (she works at Assembly!) and a friend of ours, Nuutti, who is preparing for an interview. We were just hovering around to get a look behind the curtains of Assembly. For some of us this was the first time at Assembly, so we were very curious.

Here is a photo from Assembly after they turned off the lights. The picture is quite blurry, unfortunately the photographers hands were a bit shaky (thank the energy drinks and coffee) The mood in the big hall was excited as it should have been! Everyone was having a good time and so were we!

Here is Martti (in a very unflattering lighting) meeting some cool cosplayers who were at Assembly. We had to get a picture, because, obviously the costumes were awesome and we also wanted to tell them about Punnu Games. So, what could be a better excuse to have a little chat than ask for a picture. :D

In this picture you can see the small flyers we were handing out at the Assembly. We wanted to spread the word of Punnu’s and we also wanted to leave something behind, or leave a mark you could say. People were actually quite pleased to hear about something new.

Oh, and bonus points for anyone who can find Hendrik in the picture above…. xD

And here we are! The team being silly in the spotlight of Assembly. This picture is a result of couple of nights not-so-well slept, energy drinks, coffee and GREAT company. Surprisingly the only one not affected by everything (or anything) mentioned above, is Hendrik. He has a way of looking completely normal, while the rest of us just go nuts around him!

So, that was our weekend in a nutshell. Looking forward to the next Assembly and all the crazy fun times we will have!

Punnu Games team <3

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