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Seminar in Tampere!

Yesterday Punnu Games attended a seminar in Tampere, where we got to learn and experience so many new and inspiring things!

The day kicked off with a free networking session. After that, we were introduced to Tribe Tampere. Tribe Tampere is an open community consisting of people dedicated to serving Tampere startup and entrepreneurial ecosystem. It operates as a platform to organizations and individuals by making it easier for them to connect with each other better.

Next, we visited the Yle studios to see some awesome technologies, for instance, the green screen where the news are filmed and broadcasted. This visit was the highlight of the trip for us because not only did we learn more about how the green screen works on practice but also met awesome people! We also felt really nostalgic when we found the legendary Yle mailbox! ♡

We wrapped up the day with business pitches from the Demo Day of the Nordic Start-Up School. The pitches were extremely inspiring and gave us many tips and tricks on how we can improve our own business presentations.

We got a great opportunity to network with other game developers and businesses as well as learn new things from the gaming industry. So overall, the day was really fun and gave us for sure a new boost for us!

With love,

Punnu Games

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