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Punnu Games DevBlog #9

Punnu love for everyone! It has been absolutely hubling and heartwarming and amazing how Arrival of the Punnu has been received by players, testers and all the cool people and in every event we have attended. Thank you. Thank you so much.

We are grateful for all the feedback and we are working very hard to meet the requests and wishes to improve the gameplay and overall experience of the game.

We updated the demo just a while back with a lot of bug fixes and improvements and now we are bringing on 24th of June the final core mechanic to the demo: The Combat.

If you wish to support the development of Arrival of the Punnu, stay tuned in our social media channels and our kickstarter-page and grab your very own Arrival of the Punnu Hoodie!

Download the demo of Arrival of the Punnu from Steam!

Join our discord to support and hear about launch info early!


Past month has been mostly a lot of tweaking and fixing bugs. We did some remaking for the whole forest environment to make it match more with the overall style. I also got to design the new Tech Punnu puzzle which was pretty exciting! It was fun to figure out how to make different elements to play together so that we can have all the necessary parts moving and then light up with the shader effects. I’ll probably still add some visual stuff to it later to make it pop more and get the highlights a bit better etc.

I also did some small shader work to get our interactables more visible in the game. Now there’s this small bling effect on the stash, for example. I might come back to this one too later since I’d like the effect to maybe not follow the UV’s of the object so that it looks the same on every object and isn’t dependent on the UV unwrapping. But we’ll see if I have time to return to it at some point. Then in preparation for our combat system I made some changes to our character shader so that we can have an effect when the character takes damage.

With the combat system there will also be a lot of animation work that needs to be done. For this I’m remaking the character rig to make it more flexible for different kinds of movement and to make it a proper control rig so that animating is way easier. I’ll probably talk more about this in our next Dev Blog!


The full story is now finally done, and I have to say I am very very proud of how we have managed to get a lot of “loose threads” closed and a lot of “why” questions answered.

The story is complex, there is a lot happening and a lot of surprises that we will not be able to share with the public in several years and that is killing me! xD So much juicy stuff.

Design has progressed massively as well. Since the story has gotten more meat on the bones, the mechanics and level design are starting to fall in place. The bosses (YES BOSSES) are also starting to shape and the full combat mechanics, abilities, charms, all of it is taking place and making sense. This type of games require a lot of re-iterating and it has been a process going on for over a year and a half and won’t stop probably until we are forced to launch.

Development wise a lot of bugs have been fixed and updated to steam. One thing that has been bothering us (and the players) has been that the boy can jump and slide-stand etc. from crouch. Well not anymore! Also other little things here and there. You just need to play to see it!

We are now actively looking for a publisher now and that has forced us to rethink and push the design and story closer to completion.

We have been presenting the game in a lot of places and yea there was a really cool trip to Arctic Game Week in Skellfteå, northern Sweden as well where we talked with a lot of cool people and shared the Punnu-Love for all!


There hasn’t been much development besides bug fixes during the past month because the world is opening after COVID and I got to travel almost every week. First I went to Tampere and participated in XR Aamu -event with TUAS where we presented some of our projects with TUAS. Next week was Nordic Game in Malmö with TUAS. It was really exciting to be there for the first time and I got to talk with fellow indie developers and even some AAA-devs from Housemarque. Everyone was super friendly and supportive and I’ll definitely visit the event again if I get the chance.

A week after that we had a Punnu Games trip to Arctic Game Week in Skellefteå which was a really great team building experience and we made lots of new contacts within the industry. The event itself was more aimed towards the consumers but we had good times regardless.

After that trip I was getting pretty sick and tired of traveling but I still had one more TUAS journey to go. I visited Stavanger next for a project meeting and we got to see some sights as well and meet the lovely people from other universities that are part of our project.

After all the traveling I was glad to be back home but had a huge backlog of all the things that have been left undone while I was gone and can finally get back to work with the project next week. The design team has been busy while I was gone and there are lots of new mechanics on the way and I’m very excited to start working on those.

So as usual the day job is getting in the way of development work but that’s indie development life before you have the funds to work full time on your dream project.


As other team members mentioned, we were in Sweden. The travel was great and I got a lot of inspiration and think about from there. I think because we were together much, the overall game idea got a lot more cohesive:D

But what I have done for the art this month, well:

We have got a lot feedback about the game. Usually people say that it is beautiful, but there was a one issue: The enviroment was not cohesive. And I agree that. So there was no another choice than redo almost all tree models and backgrounds. But now, I’m quite happy with result:D Ugly old spruce:

New spruce models:

Also background changed:

Tipi have made amazing work with the story, and based on that, I try my best to draw some concepts to make the mood and story more "real". Unfortunately I can't show those environment sketches to you (unless you are a publisher;P )

I have also started to learn Blenders "Geometry Nodes". At first those nodes looked scary, but now I like those and want to learn more! I see amazing possibilities, especially to model plants which have been my main enemies before XD

That's it for this time! We are really hoping to see you here next month as we continue our development and adventure!

With the best regards,

Punnu Game Team

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