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Punnu Games DevBlog #8

This devblog will be fully about the demo-launch of Arrivat of the Punnu. First we want to thank everyone who has supported us on this journey and who have already during this short time the demo has been out downloaded, played and wishlisted the game! Thank you!

The journey to the launch of this demo has been long and eventful and is this blogpost we are going through the teams thoughts of the launch and final days of development before that.

Download the demo of Arrival of the Punnu from Steam!

Join our discord to support and hear about launch info early!


So exciting to have our Arrival of The Punnu Demo finally out! It’s been such a cool journey from hopping to Unreal Engine from Unity for the first time and starting to figure out how everything works, to actually publishing something that other people can play and enjoy!

Of course, there are still some things that need fixing in the Demo and based on the feedback we’ve had, I already know where to start with the graphics. And then off to new Levels!


I don't even know where to begin going through the process to get the demo launched. Not only the vigorous testing, refining, doing stuff all over again, but the steam process itself, the bugfixing, redesigning, people getting sick, marketing materials, more testing, remodeling, new features programming, again testing...

The team has been amazing. The amount of work, the devotion and the drive to get a good demo out has made me feel so privilidged to be able to work with these people.

Okay, so design. Two weeks before the launch we decided to redo a lot of major features. Before for example you could change to the punnu at any time in the game, so how to keep that same feeling of companionship during the trip? We are still working on this on the design side of things.

And then the infamous BEAR. It was way too easy before, so we brought in the sneaking mechanic and well... now it is really hard xD We will have some cue-updates to make the passing bit easier.

The adventure with the Punnu is just about to begin and ohhhh I am so excited about the new things we are going to update to the demo! It will be fantastic.


The feeling you get when you see your baby published on Steam is just incredible.

Even though it’s just a demo, it still feels like a huge accomplishment which it actually is at least in some way. The demo was pretty much unplayable a few weeks before the release and we had to put in a lot of hours to get it in shape. Some of us actually got sick during the final days before the release which didn’t make the task any easier but I think we did pretty well despite that and the fact that some of us have day jobs which eat most of our work hours.

The outcome is not perfect but I’m personally happy about the fact that there were no critical bugs left in the published version. However there are some less critical bugs there that I’m not willing to just leave as they are and a few features were cut due to lack of time. Get ready for some future patches for the demo!


I hope that you have played our demo already. There is still some things what we have to polish and think again, but trust me, the game have been evolved a lot just last month. I have not coding skills in Unreal Engine, but i helped other way the team: I tried to find bugs, and basically break the game. It was fun, here is some examples from that timeXD

I played with the red punnu, but somehow the blue punnu flating in the air:

One reason why you can’t play now freely with any punnu now, is that in early development, there was bug, where I basically can finish the game with ONLY the yellow punnu and leave other characters behind. It was fun thoXD

And last, I find a place where I can jump and destroy our characters one by one. After there was none of characters left, camera was confused, and it goes middle of nowhere and I saw the true end of the game screen:

That's it for this time! We are really hoping to see you here next month as we continue our development and adventure!

With the best regards,

Punnu Game Team

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