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Punnu Games DevBlog #7

As we are publishing the devblog once a month, there is a lot of progress each time. We are entering new and exciting phase as a company as we are getting ready to show off the demo of Arrival of Punnu.

Arrival of Punnu Demo will be published 1st of April on Steam.

We have naturally have had our hands full of polishing, refining, tuning, fixing bugs, iterating, animating, painting, modeling... The endless list of items on the todo list.

Join our discord to support and hear about launch info early!

And now, let's dive in and check out what has been cooking!


We are developing our obstacles further for the demo. For that our bear needed some new animations so that it can look at and growl at our player if they get noticed! Here’s the bear being a bit more alert than just snoring and stretching lazily. We still need to make some new textures for that fluffy face so the eyes aren’t just closed and the bear can actually see!


I have been fixing some bugs and making sure that everything works smoothly. Now just recently due to how the following mechanics work, I adjusted the cave in the second level of the game. We have a lot of changes coming, but it will be worth it! The puzzles will be remade and the overall experience will be better.

I have also been working on the upcoming new levels! As you can see, a wip, but getting there. :D

Noora also created a friend for our travelers that will join the adventure for a while.


We got feedback from the game test that the boy needs more expression. And indeed, he has only one emotion. But well, now he can express himself and be happy, sad and much more!


I’ve been fighting with the AI pathfinding during the previous month and it still doesn’t function the way that I would like it to. The AI characters follow the player and jump over obstacles as long as the ground is flat but we have lots of uneven terrain in our maps which makes the AI characters fall off the map and get stuck.

I also took a look at the tiny glitch in the climbing animation and came to the conclusion that the only way to fix it was through editing the animation itself. Unfortunately that means more work for our 3D-wizard Noora.


I have been quite busy with other stuff, but luckily our hard working intern Nathan has made great progress with the minion animations.


Our superstar intern Junnu has now left us and headed out to new adventures, but he did not leave us empty handed. We have now new reward system, xp gaining system, inventoryview and the new battle mechanic installed and in place!


We also had a customer project where we revived a mobile game for another game company. The project was made with Unity 5 years ago and wasn’t updated after that and they were starting to have trouble with the Play and Apple Stores. First Tipi updated the plugins and Unity version so that the game has support for the latest Android version that Play Store demands.

After that I started fixing the bugs that appeared after the updates which included lots of character animations and a surprise bug that appeared only after making a mobile build of the game. The latter was a real head scratcher but we pushed through with teamwork! I managed to locate the source of the bug and Tipi found a fix. Noora also helped out a lot by providing new models for the characters with fixed animations. During this project I was really glad that I had a team behind me that was ready and eager to help when I got stuck. Thanks again Tipi and Noora!

That's it for this time! We are really hoping to see you here next month as we continue our development and adventure!

With the best regards,

Punnu Game Team

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