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Punnu Games DevBlog #6

As we are publishing the devblog once a month, there is a lot of progress each time. We are entering new and exciting phase as a company as we are getting ready to show off the demo of Arrival of Punnu NEXT MONTH!

The BIG focus lately has been with the demo that we presented to a group of game design professionals via LGIN ( ) and Yaaay we got some really good feedback and we are so grateful for all the help we are getting. <3 Thank you Suvi for all your support!

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And now, let's dive in and check out what has been cooking!


We’ve been working hard on getting the demo done and I’ve been making the final fixes, missing assets, sequence animations etc. for it. I also got to begin working on the next map which is super exciting! So far I’ve mostly spent time on figuring out how the environment would flow naturally in the background and how the changes of ground elevation would make sense in the level. I think I have a plan for it now but as you can see there’s still a long way to go before this is done and pretty. I also painted a cool new poster for our marketing but you’ll see that a bit later!


Lots and lots of prototyping and polishing the demo, as you can see from Nooras picture (she makes it soooo pretty after my blocks). Arrival of Punnu is getting more levels as our workflow is evolving while we are working on it. I have been measuring and placing and jumping and shifting and putting the basic building blocks together.

Here is a good example of prototyping flow. I measure based on the size of our little hero, of the punnu and how would it be possible to control the punnu to reach the higher ground with the platforms placed inside the mountain. :D Can't wait to see how pretty it will be.

As I am modifying, iterating and tuning the demo, I also refined and tuned the characters jump animations! :D This is how it looks like now:

Mainly however my time goes to design. Just drawing, writing, iterating, prototyping and then back to drawing board. This month the WHOLE GAME finally has it's lenght, it's structure ready. <3 Other than that, it is literally putting the pieces together. The picture below is a design from the second part, Map 3 of the game. :D


Last month I mainly focused on Fantastic Energy, but now I have to switch my main focus on the Arrival of the Punnu. At first I have started to research new inspiration for our new levels. That also inspired me a lot when I illustrate marketing stuff.


We have an amazing new intern, Nathan. His first job was to model 3 new minions for the Fantastic Enenrgy, based on my concepts. I think he nailed those. :D


Evil areas area spawning on the map and as they get stored, the areas surrounding the "main evil" area get also stored. It is actually quite cool how this works. The evil area that holds the monster is the main area. With the specific id of that area the area with the amount of surrounding areas is fetched from memory. Based on the amount of the "sub"-evil areas, the areas holding the minions get spawned on the radius of the monster area. :D Ta taaaa!

A note: Player has to clear aaaaal the surrounding minion-areas (= "sub" evil area) to enable the battle with the monster.

I also made the "loved by everyone" treasure chest that you can tap tap tap tap tap tap open!

That's it for this time! We are really hoping to see you here next month as we continue our development and adventure!

With the best regards,

Punnu Game Team

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