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Punnu Games DevBlog #3

As we are publishing the devblog once a month, there is a lot of progress each time. We are entering new and exciting phase as a company as we are getting ready to show off the demo of Arrival of Punnu soon! This means that we will have other exciting things coming up as well. New levels, new designs, new Fantastic Energy... wait what? Yes you heard correct! We are pulling it back and rebuilding.


I’ve been very busy with UIs. I had previously made some quick sketches for the UI but decided to remake most of it. I wanted to make something that would feel light and clean but still have some texture and hand-drawn feel to it.


Last month I polished some cinematic illustrations. Also I have made some assets, for example this tool box, aka hidden treasure chest. Maybe in the future you may see what it has inside of it ;)


Created the first prototype of switching between characters. Now by pressing tab you can switch the characters in the game!

I also created a blueprint for sound effects and now there are some pretty cool sounds in the world! :D


Updated game design documentation and started a furious detailed level designing to the second map. I have been super focused on the design part mostly now as we are entering the Alpha development state soon! :D

I have completely fell in love with a tool called Milanote

To all game designers: That is your best friend forever from now on! Such a great tool.

Also diving deeper into the narrative design and the story has proven to be a really amazing experience. Truth to be told, only now I am finally getting to know our characters. It is so cool to kind of "see" how the whole story is going to play out and what an amazing world we are building here. I am so grateful to have such talented people around me to breathe life into these creatures that our company has also gotten it's name from. <3

A cinematic 2D created by Joonas (Joviaal). The adventure together begins!


I have been thinking of new game designs for Fantastic Energy. Also made some 3D models for the game.


I created the first functional prototype of Monster Quests. I will post a video of to the next blog!


For Fantastic Energy I’m currently going through the UI and making improvements to the designs. I’m also creating new UI elements for our upcoming features and changes. I’ve been working on the Monster Quest UI and I have a couple of options for the design but I still have to decide which one would work the best

That's it for this time! We are really hoping to see you here next month as we continue our development and adventure!

With the best regards,

Punnu Game Team

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