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Punnu Games DevBlog #2

As we are publishing the devblog once a month, there is a lot of progress each time. This time we have some dramatic changes going on with Fantastic Energy as the core game loop is extracted and refined and how Arrival of Punnu has yet again taken a leap forward. We have encountered some new tools for design and planning as well in our other projects.


I’ve been working on shaders! In Arrival of Punnu our characters are supposed to have a cel shading and a slight outlining to contrast the characters from the environment. I’ve been trying to find a way to do that without the cel shading coming from the post processing and I think it’s finally looking pretty good. I’ve also worked on with runtime virtual textures and blending the grass with the landscape.


Mikko added the smooth new edge grabbing & climbing mechanics to the game, so I have been placing them into the correct places following the design. Refining the layout of the map is actually repetitive, since it requires a lot of replays, but the end result will be good. I am adding tree stumps, rocks and other stuff player can climb on to.

I have also started the level designing and more detailed planning of our second part in Arrival of Punnu. As all the parts will follow somewhat the same basic pattern, this also begins with a more platformer-heavy map1 with some serious nuts to crack. Can you guess, where in the world the second map might be based? ;) Ps. The map does not contain any actual artwork, it all just random pieces put together so that artists can then create the gorgeous world based on the "wireframe". :D


I finally had time to polish all cinemas, except one. I’m quite happy with those, but I think that in future I have to do some of them again, if we made some design changes. But that is normal part of the life and game development. :D


Created the climbing mechanic to the game, still bit smoothing to do in the animation etc, but overall it came out pretty good! :D I also refined some of the other mechanics such as crouching and zooming triggering.


This month I have made more development work than art for the FE. I have planned especially how the FEs game core loop would work better. And I have quite drastically and new ideas for the Fantastic Energy in future. Biggest change is that we are not develop anymore base, and focus more on Terminal. We also start develop Monster Quest, brand new feature, where player collect monsters and can do different tasks.


I have been working on the new monster quests and looked into improving how the monster data is handled in the game.

We have been a part of an interesting project in a customer project where we had the chance to test a 4 days design sprint 2.0 concept and come up with a game idea in just few days! Although the prototyping phase was quickly stretched from 6 hours to full 2 weeks of development, I think that it has been a fruitful experience. If you want to know more about the design sprint 2.0. process, you can check out this LINK

That's it for this time! We are really hoping to see you here next week as we continue our development and adventure!

With the best regards,

Punnu Game Team

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