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Our new project!

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

So, I bet some of you out there are wondering what exactly were we demoing yesterday at Seikkisrock.

Well, we are working on an exciting project that we are calling Herra Hauki at the Baltic Sea. This game will be executed in co-operation with Punainen Norsu and The Archipelago Research Institute.

With these partners we are working together to provide an educational game for 6-9- year old's about the Baltic Sea. The goal of the game is to increase the knowledge of the meaning, fragility and state of the Baltic Sea among preschoolers and 1st-2nd-grade children.

Herra Hauki is a lovable pike and that is why the beloved character created by a visual artist Oili Kokkonen, is learning with the player along the journey. Although the ever so talented Oili created Herra Hauki, our talented game artist Martti, is bringing the character to life! Also, the picture above is drawn by Martti, with inspiration from Oili's design.

The story, created in co-operation with Punainen Norsu, tells of the beloved character, Herra Hauki going around the Baltic Sea. Herra Hauki is diving into an adventure in the shoreline and open waters of the Baltic Sea. The story carries from the shorelines to farms and summer cottages teaching the child about the current state of the sea and the need to protect it. During the game, the player will for example learn what eutrophication means and how the Global Warming affects the sea, what actions to preserve and protect has already been done and what there still is to do to save the Baltic Sea.

Here you can see concept art of Herra Hauki in the Baltic Sea illustrated by Martti!

Read more about the project from here. Remember to also follow us on social media, where we update more about progress of our projects and also behind the scenes material from our office!

With love, Punnu Games

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