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New innovations at the Energy Hackathon!

Before we get into the details of the weekend, I would just like to start this blog post by saying.... WE FRIGGIN' WON THE ENERGY HACKATHON 2019!

Winners! (Jarno is missing from the picture, but he is with us in spirit!)

Now that that's out of the way, here's how the weekend unfolded.

Last Friday and Saturday Punnu team participated in Energy Hackathon 2019 and the competition focused on finding new solutions on how energy and energy consumption could be made more visible and saving energy interesting in concrete and fun ways by utilizing new digital applications or games. The target group of the solutions was especially children and young people. Because the competition focused on environmental improvement through technology, as well as focusing on children and young people, we felt that this competition was right on our alley

Friday morning started with team registration and welcoming words from Turku city. After that, the teams got instructions and schedule for the rest of the event. The first half of the day was filled with informative presentations about augmented reality, gamification, utilizing consumption data and how new energy sources impact on consumers. All presentations were extremely informative and gave us definitely a new perspective; we felt pumped and ready to start to hack!

Let the games begin!

During the hacking, we received support and sparring from a broad group of experts including 6Aika Energy Wise Cities project, 6Aika Smart learning environments project, Educraftor, Tieto Finland Oy, ISS Palvelut Oy, Fortum Oyj, and Turku Energia. We also took part in a pitch workshop where we worked on our pitching skills!

Saturday was show time; it was time to deliver our pitch! But, before the main pitch we had an opportunity to perform a test pitch to the sparring group, who gave us excellent advice on how to tune it close to perfection. Then it was show time!

Pitching in process

Our pitcher was it nervous at first, but then she got the hang of it and we were able finish the pitch within the 3 minute time limit. To give you a short taste of the pitch, here is our idea in a nutshell, but we can't reveal all the details just yet. So, we planned an AR game that will give the players a chance to compete with each other, learn about energy efficiency in a cool way and they get a chance to affect their local communities in the process.

Overall the competition was an extremely valuable experience and we want to thank our competition, the judges and everyone who was there last weekend. This is a good place for us to continue on our journey and hopefully we can make great things for you guys!

With love,

Punnu Team

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