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The beginning

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

The birth of Punnu Games

In the beginning there was Tipi, an idea and a world full of opportunities.

Our boss lady came up with the idea for our first game and she quickly put together a team to create an amazing symphony of humor and awkwardness. Our team consists of Tipi (Bosslady), Martti (Game Artist), Hendrik (Game Artist), Eeva (Executive Producer), Jarno (Audio Engineer) and Hanna (Writer and Artist). Together we are Punnu Games.

Tipi thought of the company name Punnu Games, or to be more accurate Tipi’s son came up with Punnu’s a long time ago. Tipi’s son, Aleksi, was only three years old when his amazing little mind came up with the character we all love and know by the name, Punnu. So basically Aleksi is the master mind behind this whole operation.

Meet the child genius behind the Punnu’s, Aleksi.

The Holy Screw

Last spring Tipi came up with the concept for our first game, The Holy Screw. Soon after she started writing the story and once the plot was crystal clear in her mind, she started gathering a team around the project. She chose people who are her friends, because that way working is more fun, am I right!

The first people she recruited to work along side of her were Jarno, Martti and Hendrik. All three were extremely exited to take on this project and the cooperation between the four original team members was seamless. Together they tackled the issues at hand and they were doing spectacularly, and they still are, might I add. After a short while Tipi met Eeva through work and decided to ask her to join the team. Eeva hesitated for a while, but she was swept away by the glory of the gaming world and was forced to join because of her own curiosity. (She’s still curious, but only now realizing that it’s not as glorious as movies make it out to be). The last, but definitely not the least addition to the team was Hanna. She was brought in because of her vast set of skills we realized we needed. Hanna is also someone Tipi met through work.

We are all putting our best work in to make this game every bit as humorous as Tipi has planned. Every Wednesday we have a team meeting where we bond and come up with new ideas for the game. We all have different strengths and we all bring something new to the table to make you guys something awesome! For more details every team member will be introduced here in our blogs later, one by one.

We will reveal more details about The Holy Screw in blog posts through out the year 2019 until the launch, so stay posted!

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