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Global Game Jam 2019

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

As many of you already know, we were at the Global Game Jam 2019 at Turku Game Hub during the weekend and we had a blast! We were working on a game all weekend. Right now we’re all sleep deprived but oh so happy! For most of us this was the first game jam ever and expectations were met and exceeded by far! It was fun to see a community come together for a weekend of fun and practically no sleep. :D

Here you can see the team posing for an obligatory team photo and also a surprise shot of the working. (Surprise to everyone except Hendrik apparently xD)

The Jam

We went into the weekend with two goals in mind:

One: Have the best time ever as a team!

Two: Finish what we started and make a whole game during the weekend!

Both of these goals can be checked now because this weekend was full of laughter and the game was finished!  Our team worked together like a well oiled machine and we all helped each other however we could. Even the producer participated into the making  of the actual game…! All we can say now is, we are proud of the game we made and we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!

Here we are on Saturday, after a few too many energy drinks and looking like it as well. (Everyone except Hendrik yet again…xD)

The Game

The theme of the jam this year was….. drum roll please!! “What does home mean to you”! At first we had many ideas and we were unable to choose only one so we decided to combine all of them and make one awesome game about home. Our game is called “The Heart is the Home” and we took a literal approach to that, as in we are actually inside the human body. The hero of the game is a small cell trying to collect items for its home, the heart.

Every time the cell collects an item and takes it back into the heart, it will see a memory of the item. The memories are always really happy and cheerful! The only problem for the cell is that there are some viruses and bacteria that it should avoid. If the cell touches a bacteria or viruses, it will get infected and then the white cells that are all around the body will start chasing the poor cell! Once this happens the cell must go home quickly and restore its health. The goal of the game is to collect all the items and memories to make a happy home. 

Here is a photo of the game, looks pretty cute doesn’t it!

Also, here’s a short video for you guys and a download link if anyone wants to play!

So, to sum up the weekend, we are tired and exhausted, but really happy that we got to experience this as a team! We are working on some great things at the moment and this experience brought us closer together! We want to thank everyone at Turku Game Hub for making this weekend so awesome and we can’t wait for the next one! 

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more, because next weekend we will be at the Assembly Winter 2019 making new friends! So if you’re there as well, come and meet us!

With all the love, Punnu Games <3

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