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Fantastic Weekly Pt 9. 26.6.2020

Welcome to Fantastic Weekly to follow our development process on our upcoming game: FANTASTIC ENERGY.

Download Fantastic Energy here

Update 26.6.2020

Updated the game with following fixes:

  • Fixed and error in Analytics

  • Added an "X" closing button to base for the crafted items own menu

  • Fixed an error in Player Characters level of detail in Map

  • Added a feedback form link with a cute popup to the game


This week has been quieter than most. The team has been having a somewhat easier week due to crunch last week to get the update done. However, some work has been nonetheless.

During this week the design and planning of the MASCOT of the game has been a major topic. Joviaal will explain more in his section what progress has been done.

It has become evident that Fantastic Energy needs a face of the game, so the mascot monster is under heavy designing and drawing some concepts.

The importance of feedback from tests is a thing of major importance when creating games. We have decided to implement a feedback form link directly into the game. That will be updated to the game during the upcoming week.

So if you haven’t played yet: Give us feedback!

One major thing has been also the planning of different accounts and web-based “social media” features surrounding the game. We want to enable discussion about energy efficiency and green choices and bring everyone from our players to companies to talk about these things. We’re starting the development of the web-side of things during the upcoming week and hopefully, we’ll be done with them by end of July. :)



I have been taking a bit slower this week, but I did create & add the feedback form link to the game. I also added the form to our website.

One thing I have been longing for a long time to the game since Aapo created the amazing base-buildings is to enable the possibility to choose what your home looks like! :D So THAT will be updated as well as soon as possible.

Also fixed a bug to the craftable’s own menu in the base. Added an “x” so it needs to be closed from there instead of tapping the item itself. Super annoying that blinking there, so that’s going away :D

Olli: (On vacation)


Noora: (On vacation)


This week I was honored to do the mascot for FE, so exciting! We have meet and I wrote long long list different descriptions of what kind of that mascot will be: “Fantastic, super cute, energetic, soulful…”. We discuss what animal is based on, and we decide that the animal will be some Finnis specie, maybe also some animal that is quick.

I have sketched a ton of different variations and approximately 90% of them I have to discard right away. There are some variations that I present to my team and what is a good direction to continue. Those 6 are the best of them. I think the ahma, näätä1 or ilves1 will be the way to continue this project.

I also have thought about the color palette, pastel colors, of course:D The base is maybe pinkish or turquoise, but the issue is that the whole world is also based on those colors and I want that the mascot really POP from the screen and not camouflage too much in environment. That’s why those color palettes have much yellow.(and it will fit well also electric theme;) )

Well, time only shows how this mascot evolves. Whit this one I don’t want to rush at all, and I try to take into consideration everything. Luckily I have an awesome team who support me and gives awesome feedback:)

Heini: (On vacation)

Thanks for reading and cya next week!

With love,

Punnu Games team

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