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Fantastic Weekly Pt 48 - 16.04.2021

Welcome to Fantastic Weekly, a blog for our development process on our upcoming game: FANTASTIC ENERGY.

Download Fantastic Energy here



We had a great and productive testing event on Thursday! Thanks to everyone who took part!

We found several bugs that the team is working to fix, plus some awesome suggestions for improvements. With your help, we can make this game extra fun and informative! We also noticed that some things that worked previously now don’t XD These things happen sometimes when developing a game, and it could even be down to something as small as one character being incorrect in the code. We hope to have these fixed soon!

If you’d like to join a future test and get a sneak peek at the newest updates, join our Discord and DM me!



This week I updated the store by adding a section where the player can buy resources with collected coins. The resources can now be bought in packs of 5, 10, 25, and 50.


Noora and Joviaal

Busy on another project!

Thanks for reading and cya next week!

With love,

Punnu Games team

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