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Fantastic Weekly Pt 47 - 09.04.2021

Welcome to Fantastic Weekly, a blog for our development process on our upcoming game: FANTASTIC ENERGY.

Download Fantastic Energy here



Everyone has been super busy with their respective projects this week, and as a lot of our team is working on the Arrival of Punnu demo, we don’t have a lot to share this week on the FE side. If you’d like to see what the rest of the team is currently working on, check out the Arrival of Punnu Twitter!

As for Fantastic Energy, we’re having another testing event on the 15th of April! To get involved and see the latest update before anyone else, join our Discord and dm me! We’d love to get your input to make the game even better!

I’ve been thinking recently about all of our monsters, more specifically about which one I would consider my favorite. Lieke, as our adorable mascot, would be an obvious choice. But which of our regular monsters? While the Elves are the cutest little critters, and Dzilant is majestic for sure, I think my favorite is Loggy the Log Goblin. Spending their days in the beautiful, lush forests, rolling from place to place, what could be better? A humble yet sweet creature for sure.



This week, I have been implementing the use of coins in the in-game store. In the near future, players will be able to use their coins to buy things such as resources and boosts from the store. There will be item categories at the bottom of the store UI, to make what you want to find a little easier to locate.


Noora and Joviaal

Busy on another project!

Thanks for reading and cya next week!

With love,

Punnu Games team

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