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Fantastic Weekly Pt 43 - 05.03.2021

Welcome to Fantastic Weekly, a blog for our development process on our upcoming game: FANTASTIC ENERGY.

Download Fantastic Energy here

Game Design

We had an amazing start to the week with the brand new update of Fantastic Energy.

We have been looking into bringing more action features to the next update and next on the design list is how to improve the monster fight, player RPG selection, and finally: bringing the monsters to the base and interacting with them! <3



We’re looking forward to the next testing event on Thursday 25th of March! To participate, join the discord HERE and message me! The time will be decided between the participants so we can include everyone!



I have been busy with another project this week, but at the beginning of the week, I spent time fixing bugs and preparing the game for the new update.

Really happy with this new version and also eager to continue working with the new features that we’re bringing to the game in the next update!



Busy with another project!


Busy with another project!

Thanks for reading and cya next week!

With love,

Punnu Games team

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