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Fantastic Weekly Pt 41 - 19.02.2021

Welcome to Fantastic Weekly, a blog for our development process on our upcoming game: FANTASTIC ENERGY.

Download Fantastic Energy here

Game Design

This week has been mostly about reviewing the results from the testing and refreshing our final runway plan. The game is really coming nicely along and we are super happy about the progress we’ve made. A lot of new features are coming to the update on 1.3.2021 and we are hoping to get as much feedback as possible to improve all the time.

We are currently refining our plan on the XP system and we’re bringing the first proper version to the game in the update along the new improved terminal scene and long waited carbon footprint calculator.

The team is super excited (and horrified since so little time left) of the upcoming update and is looking forward to continuing the development towards the final release. <3



What a week it has been! Ever since the beta test last week, we’ve been getting excellent feedback from our testers. So many things need small fixes, but the overall feedback has been positive. Thank you to everyone who tested the game, we hope you keep playing! And for those of you, who would like to join the beta testers group, join our Discord and become a tester! Hope to see you at the next testing event!!



BUGS! Everywhere! :,D I have been working on getting rid of those critters in the game.

Here are a few funny ones that are going to be fixed in the update!

The game seems to get a little greedy when crafting… If you’ve crafted more than one of an item, it takes them ALL away when you place them!

Also the game didn’t like long names so it just cut it shorter.

When trying just to check my inventory and suddenly you’re going into a fight…

Sometimes the game is also very generous. It gives more than it says.

:D There were few more, but there won’t be for long. Feedback to find all the annoying bugs is also pretty appreciated.

Also really happy to tell that the camera in the base has gone through final review and it will be slightly different to what people are used to, but (even though I say so myself..) the best so far. And also the final version of it.



Again, it’s been a super busy week! I worked on some monster LODs so we can get some new monsters to the next update. A couple of other monsters which I’d also like to have in the update are still missing animations but I hope I’ll find some time to animate and finish them also but we’ll see!


I have hands full with school and other game projects. But don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten FE! This week I sketched some new bird monsters. Those are only ideas, let’s see if any of them get in the game someday :)

Thanks for reading and cya next week!

With love,

Punnu Games team

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