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Fantastic Weekly Pt 3. 15.5.2020

Welcome to Fantastic Weekly to follow our development process on our upcoming game: Fantastic Energy.


This week we have discussed a lot of the data side of things. How to present the carbon footprint and other consumption to the player? We are in the making of a side project regarding completely on that side and it will be integrated into the game during June 2020.

We have been planning on turning some public buildings that have consumption data visible somewhere to a collectible. A token perhaps? Something you can see and get a memento for yourself.

Also planning of the store has moved forward. Noora and Eeva are designing the content of the store so that it is fair for players and nice to use your in game currency at. Swaaaaaaag!

The RPG side of the game has been designed slightly further as well. We are forming a consistent skills tree so that it feels good to develop your skills.

A lot of progress on the player feedback side of things. It’s the little things that matter. Sounds, physical feedback from the device and little visuals that give the reward of accomplishment. :)



I’ve been working on the data rendering and created a menu for the selection.

Also added some tiny things there and there to add more feedback for the player.

Removed AR from monsterfight and added a 3D scenery for the future RPG improvements. :D The background and movement of the camera still require some work, but I think this is going to be quite awesome with the new combat-mechanics!


Worked on the API for public data over public buildings in Turku (their energy consumption) and made a server that provides these values for easy use by Fantastic Energy (we have a separate temporary client at the moment where we test the visualization of the data, which Tipi is working on, before we start integrating it into Fantastic Energy).

Successfully mapped the buildings provided, but the raw data turned out to be a horror show to read. It’s also a huge amount of data, even if it’s just over a few months. Takes forever to read -> slowed down progress.

Excited to see upcoming data visualization :)


This week I added some new graphics to the inventory and crafting system. I’ll keep on working with the crafting/inventory side, making final adjustments.



This week I’ve been busy with shaders. I’ve been creating water shaders, waterfalls and some bubbling lava! These are a part of the side project but I’m planning on maybe adding these elements to the 3D scenes that we have in Fantastic Energy. These still need some polishing but I’m happy with the basic ideas.


Last week I started sketching new monsters. My focus was to create an ogre or troll type creature, but because it is in Fantastic world, it has to be ogre in adorable way.

This form won the vote, and I continued with this design, and I created new variations. My favorite one was “Rusty”, but my coworkers liked “Original” and “Pölkky” more. After all, I’m really happy how this character evolved, and now “Pölkky” is my favorite too!

Random fact: Pölkky means "log" in finnish, but can also mean “not so smart person”.

After the good design, the rest was only basic modeling work.

They are not the smartest ones, but I hope that you like these adorable creatures:D


I have been working with new skins for the home-base. So the players can customize the look of their house that appears on the map.


I finally finished animating the Dog-Dragon and moved on to rigging the lovely Flying Pig we saw in last week’s blog!

That's all for now!

Cya next week.

Best regards,

Punnu Games team.

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