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Fantastic Weekly Pt 2. 8.5.2020

Welcome back to Fantastic Weekly to follow our development process on Fantastic Energy.

This week we've added some MAJOR features to our game design and to the game. The update to the beta version available on Google Play will be at 1.6.2020.


This week new features are taken out of the desk drawer. New data rendering logic to the terminal is under heavy designing pipeline.

Small improvements to UI/UX put together after an insightful discussion with an expert on the field. Also, player action-feedback is being considered much more from now on. Still in between on either we use sounds or particles.

We are looking into new monster fight combat styles as well. Trying to put together the best few options to make it AWESOME. This feature will be under development from June 2020:


Swipe = swing

- Energy weapons

Aim & shoot

- Fantastic Weapons

Aim & swipe = throw == Grenade / Cranade / ( exploding birds ) / Nuke / tms.

So basically we're adding some RPG elements to the game. There will be some major changes to the monster fight combat system. Also, we're adding attributes and here's how we thought we start building the non-combat side of the skills tree:



Created a new scene and logic for collecting resources!

You basically tap a resource-stash (chest, mineral-pocket, etc.) on the m

ap and it opens a scene in AR where you need to tap-tap-tap and tadaa resources and coins gathered!

I also fixed the monster animations! :D And they are AMAZING.


Not much happened this week due to university work, but we got some exciting new features planned - weapons & skill tree!

We also started playing games during our coffee breaks which have been really fun :)


This week I have mainly been resting my eyes since I had a little woodworking injury (remember to wear safety glasses people!). Still have a few minor things to do to the crafting/inventory system like implementing some new graphics and such, but hopefully, it will be finished soon.



My design for the store UI is finally starting to look like something. Still needs tweaking and planning but I think it’s starting to look like it could be used in the game. Here are some process pictures, from left to right, how it looked like at some point in the beginning, and what kinds of ideas I tried after that.

The coins (and texts) are all placeholders and I’ll make the matching pictures later. All the amounts of actual money and coins are also just placeholders and will be changed later. I think we’ll also add some cool pictures to go with the special offers and it won’t be as plain and boring as it is here.

Otherwise, the map UI is going.. somewhere, I’ll figure it out. I also modeled a quick placeholder chest for the resources and then I have done some research for the lighting (or faking the lighting) of the game. I may have some new ideas for it but we’ll see.


This week, fixing the pig… a lot, it got totally new look! Now it has much stronger characteristics.

Balloon like appearance changed to seagull like and ears transformed to wings. It also grew a tongue of a chameleon, how cool is that!

Random fact: Some seagulls can travel from Africa back to Finland only in 4 days! (3500km)

(I tried taking a good overall picture of those flying pigs for this blog, but one of them photobombed the picture…)


This week I modeled some new craftable items. With cute color options of course!

Oh, and this coffee machine. For all fellow morning persons out there! :)


Besides fighting with Blender and my computer, I rigged the lovely Dog-Dragon and started to animate it this week! This was just a thumbs up! -pose I did to test how the rig worked, but I already got started on making the idle animation as well!

That's all for now!

Cya next week.

Best regards,

Punnu Games team.

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