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Fantastic Weekly Pt 17 - 21.8.2020

Welcome to Fantastic Weekly, a blog for our development process on our upcoming game: FANTASTIC ENERGY.

Download Fantastic Energy here


This week, the implementation of the web side of Fantastic Energy has been the rising topic.

What we are planning to create is a social platform to connect the players with their local city authorities and companies responsible for various aspects of urban development.

The team has been testing the game a lot of this week and there are some major fixes coming to lessen the input lag and other UI/UX elements in the game, so stay tuned!

Next things coming to the design table during the following weeks are the base & ENERGY elements.



This week Valonia wrote an article about some of the projects they have been working on with partnering companies and we got a section in that article! Our section was about the fantastic Data app we made to test data visualization, so go check out the article and give it a read :)


This week, we got the results of our poll for the name of our mascot and I’m delighted to announce that it’s name is Lieke! I took the results from both the facebook and twitter polls and combined them, and it turned out that Volterine and Lieke were tied. So after an internal discussion, we decided that Lieke would be the best as it was more in line with our game’s image and the fact that we are a Finnish company :D If you didn’t know, lieke was a word suggested by Elias Lönnrot to replace the loan word elektrisiteetti in Finnish, but the word sähkö was eventually used instead.



This week I added the new radar-graphics to the monster fight and finished the tutorial.

I also added the base style selection! Now players can choose how their base looks on the map! :D


On Holiday!



This week I did some design work on the pop ups and monster fight so that it’s clear how the player moves from map to the fight scene and how the weapons etc. are chosen. I also started to work on the base skyboxes but more about that later. Here are some pictures of the pop up UI!


This week, I worked on the home base. Because I’m not really familiar with interior design, I spent a little too much time watching random tutorials for inspiration. The basic base is now modeled and UV mapping is ready to go. Next week I will jump into the real interior design things, like drawing different wallpaper and floor textures, and also trying to find cute and coherent sets for every room.

Here are some screenshots from the WIP base. I couldn’t resist adding some monsters to the base. I think they make the whole place more vibrant, and even help me figure out new designs and show a little more about the monsters' living environment.


This week has been a pleasant trip down memory lane. I visited a couple of monsters that I have worked on previously and this was only the beginning! All the monsters I worked with until Lieke (the adorable mascot of ours) had only two animations - idle and attack. But that was never going to be enough, so from this week onwards I’m going to visit aaaaall the monsters I’ve already worked with and give them some more animations! This week my chosen monsters were the Big Caterpillar and Pölkky, but next week? Who knows ;D

Thanks for reading and cya next week!

With love,

Punnu Games team

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