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Fantastic Weekly Pt 10. 3.7.2020

Welcome to Fantastic Weekly to follow our development process on our upcoming game: FANTASTIC ENERGY.

Download Fantastic Energy here

It's our 10th Fantastic Weekly!

Part of the team has been on vacation this week and some are going for vacation next week,

but development & business never stops so let's get to it!


This week design wise we have been working on the plan to create a supportive web-page for the game. We want a channel where our players can meet with companies and cities about the green choices of their local area.

One major theme in Fantastic Energy has also been sustainability in local urban areas, a chance to participate and get involved. For that the upcoming feature, innovation challenges, play a big part. That alone might not however cut it so the possibility to discuss is very important.

This will also be a channel for companies and cities to reach our players. The point is to bring people together through the game to reflect their own lives in their hometowns.

After several social media posts, discussions, brainstorms, meetings and tons of design work ( and of course the amazing artwork of Joviaal ) we have finally found our mascot. However, you will not see this cute guy until the time is correct. :D It is a TOP SECRET for now.

Also this week Noora has been working some Tutorial visuals! We noticed quite early the significance of some simple instructions within any game basically, no matter how simple.

We can’t wait to show how awesome the little companion that will be adventuring with you in Fantastic Energy is!



Just a short while ago we finished testing the data side of the game and the results are in! We gotta make some changes y’all… But nothing too challenging I’m sure XD. Well, basically we have to add some information and polish the UI and then we’re good to go.



This week I have spent code-wise time mostly by fixing little bugs. Annoying little things like an error in feedback form popup, something not aligned correctly, some random null pointer exceptions etc.

Also this week I have started the planning on how to integrate the Fantastic Data project into Fantastic Energy. Going to dive in there during this week, but you will see it in the game earliest in August. :D

Olle: < On vacation >



I’m back from vacation! This week I’ve been doing some planning and concepts for the tutorial part of our game. We’ll still have to figure out the balance between guiding enough but not too much so that the player won’t get annoyed by the length of the tutorial. I also started to work on the environment of the monster fight but I think I’ll talk more about that next week when I have more things ready.

Here are some pictures of the tutorial plans.


“I have nothing to tell”

Heini: < On vacation >

Thanks for reading and cya next week!

With love,

Punnu Games team

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