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Fantastic Weekly: 1.5.2020

Welcome to our brand new blog!

We decided as a team to start documenting our progress of the development of Fantastic Energy. Welcome aboard!

We are posting every Friday 5PM about the stuff we've made and we hope that YOU stay tuned!

We're posting individually about all the developers individually so that you know what feature and graph is done by who. If you want to know more about the people behind the work, visit our page: about.


Designed a new feature for Fantastic Energy regarding resource collecting. Went through our GDD and wrote down different areas where resources could be found.

Not sure if we’re bringing any tools for that, but at least there will be a responsive tapping/digging/...exploding…? Not sure yet if AR could be utilized here. Not necessary, but fun perhaps.



Started developing a feature that allows players to collect resources from the map by digging!

Monster animations have a bug, which prevents them from working. Animation gets stuck for some reason. Animations work just fine outside the project (as you can see) so perhaps something off with the import or implementation. Investigating and fixing. Perhaps next

week I have a video of working animations!


Redesigning of the Analytics API to support multiple games (/sources).

Also made it possible to request

the analytics data, but requires more work to function properly.


I have been fixing craftables and resources save systems to recognize new added

objects/deleted objects, so that the games save files will be modified every time for example when a new craftable object is added to the game. I’ll also implement some new graphics to the inventory if I have time.



I’ve been working on store UI and design. I’ve done some research for it and it’s slowly coming together, although it still has lots of things that I’m not happy with. I’ve also started to redesign the basic UI layout on the map scene. I redid some of the resources to make them match more with the Fantastic Energy and Neutron Coins and to get a faster workflow with them since we still need to add a lot more resources to the game.

I’m still a bit shy about my new work in progress designs so here’s the Fantastic Energy I played with earlier and a big pile of Neutron Coins.


This week I modeled flying pigs. Balloon like creatures, floating around, flapping their ears to move.

Random fact: global warming makes pigs lose weight, because conditions in farms also get warmer.

This picture is from first prototype. Next week I will continue with those pigs, and make them better!

Punnu Games team signs off for now, Cya next week!

Sincerely yours: PG-Team.

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