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Assembly Summer 2019

Last weekend we attended the Assembly Summer 2019 Game Jam. We had an amazing time meeting new people and creating something new. The theme of the Game Jam was Trade-off and we decided to make an AR game called Bon Appetit, where you have to kill or be killed aka eat or be eaten. The hero of the game is the player and the villains are evil croissants that are trying to destroy you. We knew that making our first AR game ever in just a few days would be a challenge, but then we found out that Immersal AR is one of the partners of the Game Jam and we couldn't have been happier! Immersal AR is a company that has launched an SDK to make the creation of AR games and apps much easier. So we were thrilled to have found this new tool and we knew that we will definitely be using this tool for other projects as well!

After the teaming event, we gained a new member for our team, and we believe, that without his input, the game would have not been as finished as it was. Our guest star of the weekend, Juho, made 3D graphics and music for the game, so needless to say he was irreplaceable.

Here you can see our guest star of the weekend, Juho. He did a lot of the evil croissants in the game and also the music! Here you can also see his creation, the original evil croissant.

We were pretty much the only team making a mobile game, but we were up for the challenge. So, we got to work and very soon we had the dev environment up and running with the Immersal SDK. After this it was a race against the clock to get the assets finished and get everything working for the testing. Not to brag too much, but we had a great game built by the time people came in to test it. We got a lot of great feedback, as well as some suggestions for improvements.

After the testing we polished the game so it would be ready for submission. We decided to drop everything that wasn't 100% ready and go with the best possible version. We were all super proud of the game and we are looking forward for everyone to try it out and destroy the croissants as they try to kill you. Might we add, no one loves the game more than our CEO, Eeva, because she has some weird hatred towards croissants, so she is oddly happy to be shooting them. Below you can see what our game looks like in action.

Here's couple of screenshots from the game. The evil croissant you can see in the pics are the SparkleSparkle-Croissant and the Shuriken-Croissant.

We will definitely be developing the Bon Appetit game further and make it even more fun! Go test the game and give us feedback and suggestions for more features! You can find the game here.

To sum it up, we had such an amazing time, that we actually forgot to take pictures. We made new connections and we found a new tool that will make things a lot easier for us! And speaking of the new tool we discovered, there will more to come from us and Immersal AR in the near future, so keep you eyes open!

With love, Punnu team ❤︎

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