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Journey to the Unknown Planet The Yellow


“Less than a month ago EPEC (Easternmost Punnu Exploration Centrum) detected a signal from sector LEVT-023. 

It was determined that it was not a natural phenomenon due to its repetitive and non-fluctuating wave patterns. The signal itself lasted only for a few seconds, but the mere strength of it had left a resonating wake in the molecules it had traveled through.

The BEEP(Boss Executive Explorer Punnu) of EPEC called the best team for the mission to investigate the signal. It was decided to send a Mission Leader and a TechWiz [ Blue Punnu ], Mechanic [Red Punnu] and a Logistics Lead and a Scientist [Yellow Punnu].”

Journey to the Unknown Planet : The Yellow is a punishing platformer where you play as a little Yellow Punnu who is venturing through hostile alien worlds trying to set up P.O.S.T.-Boxes. 

Getting smashed to spikes, sunk to acidic pools, eaten by all sorts of creatures and getting its rainbowy insides scattered everywhere, the resilient Yellow Punnu keeps bringing telemetry to the Punnu spaceship to determine the origin of a mysterious space signal. Little do the Punnu know that there is a war that is being waged right out of phase from our own dimension as the laws of physics are going out of the window in the Milky way galaxy.


In this insta-death 2D platformer game for Nintendo Switch and PC, the player has to utilize the environment to help the Yellow Punnu to overcome the challenging maps in total of 5 planets containing several maps. 

As the Yellow Punnu has no combat skills, just its double jump and a little light that lasts only few seconds, the player really has to ramp up their skills as the gameplay goes from hard to extreme.

*P.O.S.T. =   Planetary Observation & Survey Telemetry

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