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We are now offering free consultations on digital marketing via games. If you are looking for a new way to get your message across, book a time for a call and let's discuss the best options for you!

The consultations are free of charge. 

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We offer trial packages for you to test our products. The packages range in price and content.

Package 1: Mini-demo 2300€ + VAT

A short demo of 1-2 minutes of playable content and a possibility for AB-testing. This package is for the customer to get a feel of the game and test it with a chosen test group. A mini-demo takes around 2 weeks to finish.

Package 2: 1/2-demo 4800€ + VAT

A medium-sized demo of 3-5 minutes of playable content. This package contains more branding and is therefore suitable for wider testing with the customer's target audience. A 1/2-demo takes around 3-4 weeks to finish.

Package 3: Premium demo 7500€ + VAT

A longer premium demo of 6-10 minutes of playable content. This demo is branded to fit the customer's needs and is closest to a final product since it is branded to the customer in most parts. This demo can be used in marketing as it is. A premium demo takes around 4-6 weeks to finish.

We offer customized games for our clients. 

The games we fully customize for the client's needs are always planned in close cooperation with the client and the game aims to fulfill the client's personal needs. The pricing of these projects is always negotiated individually. 

For more information on the packages and the pricing overall, please contact

Eeva Vuorinen,

or contact us.